Things to know about Indian visa in Vietnam

Vietnamese passport holders must apply for an India visa

Depending on the purpose of entering India, there are different types of Indian visa for Vietnam citizens. You can either choose to apply for a regular visa or an e-visa. In this article, we will focus on e-visa.

About Indian visa for Vietnam passports

As a Vietnamese passport holder, you need to apply for a visa in order to enter India. Check your requirements at Although you can apply for a regular visa, e-visa will be more convenient as you can do it whenever you want. There are 5 types of Indian visa for Vietnam citizens to travel to India, including tourist e-visa, business e-visa, conference e-visa, medical e-visa and medical attendant e-visa.

The most popular one is the India tourist e-visa. It is an official document electronically linked to your passport, permitting entry into and travel within India. The one year multiple entry tourist e-visa allows Vietnamese passport holders to stay a maximum of 90 days for each entry to India.

Vietnamese passport holders must apply for an India visa
Vietnamese passport holders must apply for an India visa

What are the documents required to apply?

In order to apply for an Indian visa in Vietnam, Vietnamese citizens need to present all the documents as follows:

  • Valid passport: Visitors need to hold Vietnamese passports and make sure that it is not expired.
  • Digital photo of yourself: The photo is recent without any face gestures in it, and the background should be white. Just scan it and get it ready to upload.
  • A scan of the information page in your passport.
  • Methods of payment: Applying for an e-visa, you will be accepted multiple methods of payment. You can pay with your credit card, debit card or your payment wallet.

Visa fees and payment methods

The total amount you have to pay depends on your visa type and duration. In general, visa fees for Vietnamese citizens are:

  • 30 days tourist e-visa for the lean period (from April to June): USD 10
  • 30 days tourist e-visa (from July to March): USD 25
  • One year multiple entry tourist e-visa: USD 40
  • Five year multiple entry tourist e-visa: USD 80

Applicants should be aware that visa fees are accepted only in VND through Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit.

How can I apply for an Indian tourist e-visa?

It is easy to apply online for a visa to India. It consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Apply online

To apply an e-visa to India, click on this link
Fill in your application form with all the information required, upload your photo and passport page.

Step 2: Pay e-visa fee online

You can use your debit card, credit card or payment wallet such as Paypal to pay your fee.

Step 3: Receive your ETA online

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) will be sent to your email

Step 4: Enjoy your trip to India

Remember to print ETA and present at Immigration Check Post where your e-visa will be stamped on passport.

Every Vietnam citizens must hold an e-visa regardless of their age to enter India. Your information and personal info will be safe. For more information, visit the website:

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